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Small-scale “Working smart doesn’t always have to be about the gadgets”

Working smart doesn’t always have to be about the gadgets; sometimes it is about making the most of what you have and what is available out there. Agrotech comes in a wide range of prices to account for all budgets but cutting some corners here and there can help your business yield better, investing in essentials and prioritizing in accordance with your needs.  

Know your tools

Getting a good-quality drone can really help improve your operations. You can find affordable options out there, but even the best drone is of no value if the information it provides goes nowhere. If you don’t want to buy some expensive enterprise-level software, apps could be a great alternative.  

There are many different tools and apps in the market, with different specifications, functions, and conditions. Some are all-in-one, aiming to concentrate all required actions into a single hub; others serve more specific purposes, dealing directly with production, or monitoring your financials. Do you need to assess the nutrients on your plants, or identify the weeds growing around your crop? Maybe you want to keep track of fluid levels using a sensorlike our new FLUID-I*, or perhaps you need some assistance choosing the best oil for your engine? There are tools and apps that can help with that and more; all you need to do is find the one that fits your needs and download it in your tablet or mobile device, and you are all set for your daily operations.


Why buy if you can rent? If you are on a budget and used equipment is not up your alley, renting can be a cheaper, more efficient way of working your field. For starters, it is faster; instead of going through all the process needed to purchase from maybe a loan request to the actual delivery of the equipment to your farm—, you could save some valuable time and just pick what suits you best with a dealer near you. You can acquire the machinery you need according to your harvest schedule and seasonal requirements, saving you the effort and resources needed to maintain equipment on-site, while also having the chance to check if the machinery you rented is actually what you require without the risk of losing your investment for good if that were not the case.   

Training and Community

Creating a network of contacts can be beneficial for your farm, not only when it comes to potential clients, but other businesses as well. Understanding and supporting other trades— whether they be established or recent start-ups— creates a community environment that aims to develop in a competitive, yet fair, way. Having the opportunity to interact with other producerssuppliers, and dealers helps to better focus your goals and builds mutually beneficial alliances that can impact your farm. Participating in public activities, such as farmer’s markets, fairs, talks and other gatherings— both on-site and remotely— will enable you to have a better understanding of the field and keep in touch with new opportunities and resources you might find useful.  

On that note, training and learning is always a great way to keep up with new technology and fresh options. VISCOSITY Everlub Academy can be a good option for dealers to rust out and learn more about the market in short comprehensive modules. Ask our team for more information to sign up! 

Go online

Forced due to the pandemic, or just as a way of expanding business, during the past year many small and medium enterprises have had to rely on ecommerce to maintain their operations afloat. It was a risk, but one that yielded results; according to a research by Colorado State University, during 2020, online grocery shopping had an increase of 10%, a whooping jump from the annual 2 to 3% percent increase recorded the previous year.

Having an online presence becomes fundamental, not only as a response to the crisis, but as a way of keeping up with modern times. The consumer’s shift is expected to be rather permanent; people, who were usually reluctant to buy fresh produce online, are now open and even accepting of the possibility.

Maybe you prefer something more direct and easier to handle, like a simple social media account; or you can choose to invest in software and platforms and get help from specialized sites that focus on creating the best mean of contact between you and your clients. There are also online sales platforms, in which, for a monthly fee, you can sell and advertise your products— even surplus!— without the need of concerning yourself with website maintenance; either way, putting yourself out there will allow you to reach potential customers, create a new web of connections, and, most important, expand your business beyond geographical limitations.

Innovation is key to success and here at VISCOSITY we have first-hand experience. Not only we are still growing and developing better, more efficient lubricant and oils solutions, but also resources and tools that can impact your operations no matter the size of your business. Ask your dealer or contact our team to learn more about our new smart choices, training programs and diagnostics platforms and keep working in fluid motion with us. 

*FLUID-I Powered by Contelligent 


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